martes, 10 de marzo de 2009

Growing Old

I had the pleasure to visit a Nursing Home for the Elderly, and it was a blessing to be with these ladies.

To visit these people is just: seat with them, talk or hug them, that’s all they need. Like little plants,They need tending, water but most important love.
This is a day and age where on TV you see killings, robberies and gossip at all times of the day. We have grown insensitive for the little needs, insensitive to the needs of the people that we are going to be like very very soon.

Growing old has become almost a disease to most people. But it’s only a new beginning.

These ladies said I love you and kissed us mostly. And it’s true, some people don’t grow old gracefully but we can always make a difference with a little love.

Remember what you’ll get back when you grow old, is what you sow on others NOW.

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